Friday, February 6, 2015

Helpful Resources for RAK Argumentative Essay

We have been working on our second argumentative essay.  This essay is using parts from our first essay, What is Worth Fighting For.  Students have been learning about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) and the impact that they have on the society we exist in.  We have watched many accounts of people showing kindness, discussed our own RAKs that we have bestowed onto others, and read the struggles that our own 8th grade students have gone through and what was done as acts of kindness to bring them from the spot they were in.

The essay that your child is working on is to pick one of the 2 options:

1: Identify the specific RAK they would like to do (ie: putting sticky notes with inspirational messages on lockers).  Their 3 reasons will come from the purposes that they feel are necessary to complete this task.  The reasons need to be supported with credible sources*.

2: Identify the idea that they feel is important to accomplish (ie: doing little RAKs to make a big impact).  Their 3 reasons will be the 3 RAKs that they will complete to accomplish this idea.  

*Credible sources = 
Anything from a website that is credible (.org), etc.
Citing what they found from the Who We Are is Awesome wall (8th grade struggles)
One source may be a personal experience, but may not be written as a personal narrative (no "I stories")

**If your child was in class this week (and paying attention), they have heard this information given to them more than once.  

Attached are documents your child may find helpful as they navigate through their essay graphic organizer this weekend.

Again, please contact me via email with any questions.