Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Growth Mindset

Have you ever thought what it means to fail?  Society paints failure in a negative light, but that's only true if we don't learn from our failures and try again.   

This week in Language Arts, we worked with the idea of a growth mindset, what a growth mindset is and how to go from a fixed to growth mindset.  We discussed the importance of accepting that failure is a part of life and what to do when things don't go the way we hope/expect.  

The purpose of learning about the growth mindset is to show that learning goes outside the 4 walls of school and if we don't accept that we fail on a daily basis, we will never be true lifelong learners.  Knowing what to do when we have failed is a large part of the developmental process, and being able to make changes to avoid continuous failures is a skill that we will practice throughout the year.  

It is my job as your child's teacher to be their coach, not critic.  It's my promise to help navigate failures and come out on the other end as a well rounded individual. 

I have included the videos we watched with this lesson.  They are moving and meaningful.  Please take a moment to enjoy these with your child.

Videos used in class:

Additional resources about a growth mindset:

Monday, August 17, 2015


Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!  I hope your summer was restful and relaxing and you've prepared yourself for the journey that lies ahead of you.  Middle school is a wonderful time of learning and discovery, but is a reflection of how much you put into it.  It's my hope that you each put as much effort into school as you would the thing you're most passionate about.

I am very excited for this school year! Bookmark this website so you can keep up to date on everything that is happening in our classroom. It will be a great resource for you to not only know what we are doing, but to find links to important documents, assignment information, and due dates. 

Middle school has a reputation for being tough on children socially and not important academically. This could not be further from the truth. These are important years for your children to grow socially and create academic habits that will set them up for success in high school. 

Through my Language Arts class, I make it my mission to combine learning and growing in literacy with expanding students' social awareness and thinking about things on a global scale. We will explore overarching concepts such as maturity, perception, self-awareness, personal accountability, and recognizing struggle in self and others. We use these concepts to expand ourselves as readers and writers while thinking beyond ourselves. 

I encourage you to work with me this year to make it a successful and enjoyable experience for your child. Let's get after it! GO STORM!