Monday, February 29, 2016

Final Argumentative Essay

Students chose a topic last week about what they believe is worth fighting for. They discussed these topics with their peers, outlined three claims and one counterclaim to base their research on, and are now ready to start finding evidence to back up their claims.

We have a computer cart on Monday, Feb. 29 and Tuesday, March 1. Students will have these days to research their claims and find at least one piece of relevant evidence to support each idea. If your child misses any of these days of school, we will not have computers available for them to make up the work, as another content is using the Chromebooks after Tuesday. This means it is imperative that students use their time at home, before/after school, or during lunch, to make up any time missed caused by an absence.

Here are some resources to help if students are working from home. They should have their outline that was completed in class last week (example). This helps them to know what exactly they are researching.

Example essay
Research Notecatcher
Research Tips

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Completing Argumentative Essays

This week we have been working on writing a practice argumentative essay in preparation for our graded argumentative essay next week.  This will be an invaluable resource as students write their final piece.  Therefore, students needed to complete their argumentative essays in class today or it has been sent home as homework.  In case your child is working at home, I wanted to make the resources we are using in class available to them from home.

Random Acts of Kindness Argumentative Essay

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Random Acts of Kindness

National Random Acts of Kindness week is  Feb. 14-20. As part of our argumentative unit, students will be choosing a Random Act of Kindness and researching its benefits for their first argumentative paper. The topic of the paper will be: "How will my Random Act of Kindness benefit others?"

Today, students brainstormed ideas for Random Acts of Kindness, trying to pair their idea with something they are passionate about. They also decided when they would complete their random act of kindness and brainstormed some of the logistics of completing them. Please know that it is not required that they/you spend money on any Random Act of Kindness and we encouraged kids to think about acts they could complete without having to spend money or travel. 

We would like students to complete these acts of kindness on their own timeline, they by no means need to be completed this weekend. However, some kids want to use their days off to complete them and we are totally in favor of that, too! 

I have attached copies of an optional article and optional questions if your student needs more ideas about RAK and the purpose behind it.  

Questions to think about during your reading.  

Check out RAK Week to see what's happening throughout the world. 

Need Inspiration? Check out this website for more ideas on how to implement RAK! *

Enjoy these videos of RAK or Pranking it Forward!
*"An Open Door" Video
*McDonald's "Pay With Lovin'" Video
*RAK Smosh Video
*RAK Thailand Video
*RAK Job Interview Video 
*Pay it F
orward Video