Monday, March 21, 2016

State Testing

Tomorrow begins our mandatory state testing known as PARCC. Please refer to the PARCC website or the Colorado Department of Education website for more information on this test.

Students will take the test on the following days for the indicated class periods. They will be in their regular classes otherwise.

Tuesday, March 22
Testing: Periods 1-4

ThursdayMarch 24
Testing: Periods 3-4

FridayMarch 25
Testing: Periods 1-2

MondayMarch 28
Testing: Periods 1-4

On days students test during period 1, they will not be allowed into class if they arrive late, and will need to sit in the office until a time is determined that they can enter the class without disrupting other students. All missed state tests are mandatory to be made up unless your child has been opted out. If your child misses state testing and has not been opted out, they will miss class to make up the test and need to make up missed classwork as well. It is much easier to be on time and present each testing day.

Please be sure your child gets to bed at a decent time, has a good breakfast, brings headphones or earbuds, and leaves their phone OFF and in their lockers during testing. Encourage them to do their best and that their best IS good enough! Do not stress the test! They are well-prepared as long as they try hard and focus. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Non-Fiction Text Features

The following games are great fun to play to practice our Non-Fiction Text Features

Non-fiction Jeopardy -- Play with at least 2 people (together)

Quia: Non-fiction text features -- at least 2 people must be playing (separately or together)

Game pin: 516834
Game pin: 740955

Game pin: 564271