Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Infographic Feedback Form

Please use this feedback form for EACH person in your group.  This feedback form will NOT be shown to the presenter.  Please be constructive and honest.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Infographic Speech

Now that students are finished with their infographics, it's time to present their hard work to the class! Presentations will begin Friday, April 29th. See the rubric for this speech/presentation here.

  • Speech needs to be 1-3 minutes, but no more than three minutes about topic
  • Your speech must contain notecards/notes of talking points to avoid rambling or straight reading from your display
  • Infographic can be shown under document camera or an additional visual display can be made to enhance speech

Another place to click for the Rubric

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Infographic Project

Infographics are a visual image used to present data. Infographics are used to simplify information and to keep the reader's attention while still teaching new information. Here is an infographic about infographics!

Students will be creating their own infographic about a topic of their choice. The only rule is that it must be a topic they have limited information about. This ensures that they are truly learning something new and that they are "looking beyond themselves."

We will work on infographics for two weeks in class. If students are working with the time given, they should not have to work outside of class/for homework.

April 18-22: Brainstorm, research & take notes
April 25-29: Design and finalize
Completed infographics are due Wednesday, April 27th. No exceptions!

We will begin presenting our infographics on April 27th.

Helpful links:
What makes a good infographic?
Teacher-created example of an infographic + notes
Infographic & presentations rubric

Other Infographic Examples:
Protecting Our Planet
Timeline of the Cold War
Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan
Is Wearable Tech Worth It?