Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Today students learned how to find the theme of a story. Please see the links below for the learning we did in class today, and note that there will be an assessment on Thursday on this skill.

Themes are NOT topics.
love"Love can get someone through any trial."
family"Family is the most important thing in life."
never give up"Perseverance is the key to reaching your dreams."

Farmer Will Allen text

Tomorrow we will complete the second part of this lesson, supporting with evidence.  We will begin with a "snowball fight" and support other's ideas of the theme from evidence from the text.  This will prove whether or not the theme was strong and can be supported by multiple pieces of evidence or if a better theme could be used.  We will then explain (in our own words) the importance of connecting the evidence to our theme in a well constructed response that ties it all together.  

Friday, August 26, 2016

Letter To Your 8th Grade Self

Each year, Silver Hills 6th graders write letters to themselves. In two years, when you are in 8th grade, we give them to your Language Arts teacher and they pass them back to you. It is one of the highlights of the 8th graders' year! You won't believe how much you've changed!

Today, our 6th graders wrote letters to themselves. See the requirements and some examples below. Students who didn't finish their letters took them home for homework. The latest they should be turned in is Monday, August 29.

Letter Requirements
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Success Strategies

As the week comes to a close, I wanted to share with you some of the strategies that we have implemented to help us have success academically, while improving our focus and attention.

1. Brain Breaks

Current research supports the need for students to rejuvenate their brains and bodies by moving in the
classroom.  This week we have played fun games such as "Don't Let Me Down" with beach balls and Cross Body Bean Bag (hand-eye coordination).

Click here for more information that supports brain breaks.

Ask your child how the brain breaks in class have helped them refocus their energy and attention on the day's lesson.

2. Mindful Minute

The students really enjoyed this new activity. By learning how to have mindful bodies and mindful listening, students' focus and attention was impacted for the better. Their challenge was to try a mindful minute outside of school without the use of the classroom chimes.

Additional video resources:
The "WHY" behind a mindful minute - from kids!
Mindful School - this is the video we used to learn about mindful bodies
Mindful Minute tips to practice anywhere.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Growth Mindset

This week in Language Arts, we worked with the idea of a growth mindset, what a growth mindset is, and how to go from a fixed to a growth mindset. We discussed the importance of accepting that failure is a part of life and what to do when things don't go the way we hope/expect.

Have you ever thougth about what it means to fail? Society paints failutre in a negative ligth, but that's only true if we don't learn from our failures and try again.

The purpose of learning about the growth mindset is to show that learning goes beyond the four walls of school and if we don't accept that we fail on a daily basis, we will never be true lifelong learners.

Knowing what to do when we have failed is a large part of the developmental process, and being able to make changes to avoid continuous failures is a skill that we will practice throughout the year.

It is my job as your child's teacher to be their coach, not their critic. It is my promise to help them navigate failures and come out on the other end as a well-rounded individual.

Please take a moment to view these videos about celebrating failure with your child.

Fail Harder
You Failed
Famous Failures

Growth Mindset Blog