Helpful Links

*To find your child's homework for the week, use the Chinook Core Homework Page (must click on Chinook under 6th grade).  I will post homework for the week on Monday.  Also, students are expected to write the target for the day, as well as the homework in their planner at the beginning of each class.  Please note that this is not something that is monitored by teachers (except on random occasions, and as needed).

*Behavior will be kept through ClassDojo.  Your child created a log in and emoji for this site.  An email was sent inviting you to join us to keep up with behaviors.  If you are not yet a part of this nifty site, please contact me to find out how to get connected.  You're missing out!

*Occasionally students will be asked to use Schoology to submit an assignment.  Students will be directed on how to use these sites before assignments are assigned.

*This year we will be tackling the common core standards.  Instead of the traditional standards of an inch deep and a mile wide, these standards tackle essential standards and take them a mile deep, digging into the understanding and relating information to real life connections instead of simply trying to cement them to memory.

*Silver Hills is moving into its third year of grading using the standards-based system.  If you are interested in knowing more about either the common core standards, or the standards-based grading system, please click on the embedded links above.  If ever you have a question regarding the grading of your student's assignment, please contact me.  I would be happy to discuss it with you.

Grades will be input into Infinite Campus within a week of the assessment being collected (sometimes longer for bigger assessments).  It is important that both students and parents check this to keep up with their progress.  There is a step by step tutorial of how to access this below titled, "how to check my grades".

Step by steps: