Student Bloggers

Every so often, we will have student bloggers that blog about things that are important, answer a prompt or share an idea.  These are out of the mouth of babes.  Real, uncut and unedited.  The progression of success seen throughout the year will be an awesome sight.  I look forward to the enjoyment that will come from these.

Hey 6th graders! I have some tips for you to survive this crazy ride.

First tip is Friendship: When you make some new friends don't change yourself to fit their personality just be you and the right friend will find you and you will be best friends.

Tip 2 is organization: You need to be organized with your locker and binders so you don't lose any important papers or lose anything else.
And you will feel happy and organized to have a good day at school.

Tip 3 is self control: In 6th grade you must raise your hand and talk you must raise your hand or you will get in trouble.

So this is how you will survive this crazy ride throughout middle school!
-- PD

Rebel Queen:

Once upon a time long long ago, well more like 30 years ago, there were 2 sisters. When they were born one was a  girly girl. The other one was a rebel, wearing all black. The girly girl was named Rosie and the rebel's name was Raven. The two Sisters were besties, until the king and queen crowned  princess Rosie as queen. Raven was devastated and hurt to not be named as the queen. Raven then disappeared into the nearby woods never to be heard from again.

  However, five years later at the age of twenty-one, Raven reappeared as a wicked rebel queen. She was jealous of  her sister’s beauty and power. So she cast an evil spell on her sister saying these magic words into her mirror. “Mirror ,mirror on the wall who’s  the fairest of them all”?
Causing Queen Rosie to fall fast asleep in her castle, and not being able to wake up until she is kissed by a  true love.

 Back in the rebel queen’s lair, Raven practiced all different types of evil spells on her new magic mirror.  These evil spells caused lot of trouble throughout the whole kingdom. After some time had passed by, Raven announced herself as the new queen.. Everyone in the kingdom was outraged.  They were told by the queen that if they did not obey her orders that she would cast an evil spell on them.

 As time passed by , the sleeping queen had many visitors come by with a kiss in hopes to awaken  her. Some of the visitors included several princes, a Genie, an Oger and seven little dwarfs all hoping to find their true love.
 So when the last visitor came to the castle, the rebel queen was getting quite annoyed. But this visitor was not for the sleeping queen , it was for the rebel queen. The fairy godmother of both girls was sent to speak with the rebel queen about removing the spell. The kingdom was saved when the rebel queen kissed her sister on the forehead to remove the spell. And the two sisters lived happily ever after together  while ruling the kingdom together.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through middle school! I feel like it was just yesterday when I was trying to get my locker open!

Anyway, the real point of this blog is to see deeper into the faces and hearts of students.  It is very important to know what students go through outside of school. I have to come to school everyday with a forced smile on my face. Life at home is tough for me and not many people know that. My parents are always fighting about this or that, my dad is drinking and smoking, and  saying things that I know he doesn’t mean even though it still always makes me cry. I have been crying myself to sleep this past week because I don’t know what  I did wrong, or how to help, or where to start. I know how hard life can be and sometimes this causes students to do badly in school.

I feel more comfortable at school than at home because anything bad can happen at home. My dad finds a way to blame my mom or vise versa. I have been having trouble in school lately and I feel that most of my friends don’t know me deeply enough to be best friends. I can only trust myself and some teachers to make the right decisions.

I know that other people are struggling and I want to help them. I want to stop the fact that all these kids struggle or have parents that don’t care. Most parents nowadays are divorced and I don’t understand why?? My parents are on the verge of divorce but are still together. Why do kids have to move from house to house, bringing belongings and leaving stuff there? Why?
It is very sad to me to know that everybody in this world struggles and I wish that there was some way I could help.

I can’t focus on school that much any more. I am too worried about what’s happening at home. -Anonymous

Bullying is a huge problem in most schools and it needs to stop NOW. Schools are fighting bullying, but nothing seems to stop it. Bullying can depress kids to where they won’t participate in any class.  that is why schools have lots of teachers to talk to even if you’re not a student. Instead of being a student to talk to a teacher, you can talk to other staff members to help you. Witnessing bullying can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing. It depends on your decisions. If you decide to stand up for the person being bullied, then that would be good so the bully might stop. If you decide to join the bullying, or you decide to just stand there and watch then that would be a decision that wouldn’t be too nice. If you are scared to stand up then at least tell a teacher and wait for the bullying to stop and make friend with the person being bullied. If you are struggling with bullying in your life then as I mentioned before, get a counselor. Stand up and make a difference if you really care. Think about if you have stood up for bullying or if you have been a bully to someone. But whether you have stood up or not, it’s time for you to. Make a difference today!!! -K.D.

 Free Write: 
My passion is writing and reading. I’ve always wanted to find a way to express my passion and now I have. I’ve always loved reading and writing but i guess I owe that to all my wonderful teachers I’ve had growing up. I love writing and expressing my feeling through the way I type. I love writing so much that when I grow up I hope to be an award winning author. I guess I owe that hope to my cousin Rachael Kelley author of Cloud bound, The lava Masters Curse, and now she is working on her third book. I guess the reason I love writing so much is because I was introduced to books at such a young age and as I began to read more and more and more I began to develop a love for writing as well. I love to write and for my writing to just bring a smile to the faces of all who read it. My favorite part of writing is just pouring my heart into my writing and just letting myself let all of my thoughts and ideas flow onto paper. Actually right now I’m attempting to write a book about a girl named Luna who is the princess of the moon. I got the name Luna from the Lunar moon and Luna is short for Lunar. In the story Luna is sent to earth because her home planet (the moon) is being attacked by their arch rivals the Morph. The Morph are able to morph into anything they wish therefore leaving Luna unable to trust anyone on earth.

Will Luna be able to survive on earth? Will she ever be able to make it back to her home planet? Well I hope you like my little sneak peek of the secret book I’m writing. Anyway back to  my passion. You know lots of people say they hate school, hate reading, hate learning in general but among that small percentage that love to go to school I probably rise to the top. I’ve always loved school and learning though others would strongly disagree with this. I love everything about school. I really didn’t like math before but now I just love math and I’m really good at it. One of my friends actually called me Albert Einstein because of how fast I did my problem up on the board and even the teacher called me Ms. FastMath. I guess I do deserve that nickname because I did manage to finish my math during class and also managed to help a couple other kids with their math. Math isn’t my only best subject. I’m also really good at spelling also. I actually tried out for the school spelling bee at my old school but i stuttered and I didn’t get to be in it which was really hard for me because it was the first time I had ever spoken in front of anyone. You see I use to be very shy. The kind of shy where you just stay in the shadows, do what your suppose to, and not draw attention to yourself. Well as you can tell I’m not that person anymore cause here I am writing a paper for a student blog. Crazy right? Anyway  could keep writing or I could just end it right here which is what I’m gonna do. I hope you enjoyed my paper about what I’m passionate about!♥♥♥ -A.C.

Prompt: My First Weeks of Middle School/Advise for Next Year's 6th Graders: 
It is My first week of school was really cool a lot different than elementary. School it a lot more organized you have to be very timely . Make sure you don't goof around because they frequently give referrals.You have a lot of response ability you have to take care of yourself insead of the teacher following you around.They give a lot of freedoms that you dont get in elementry  so you have to be trust worthy. -C.V.

My guess is that when you first come to 6th grade, you’re a bit nervous. But you shouldn’t be. Trust me there is nothing to be worried about. If you’re nervous about your locker, ask your parents if they have a lock, or just go get one from Target for like 5 bucks so you can practice.
Teachers. You spend all year with them, and they may seem scary, but they are definitely not. Some of the teachers are strict, but they aren’t super mean. In my first period Language Arts class, I forgot some questions at home, but turned in the assignment. I didn’t even get detention!
When you're trying to find your classes in the first week, it’s ok if you’re late. But if you’re late every week, there’s going to be problems. If you have a phone, and you bring it to school, take a picture of your schedule, and then set it as your lock screen. Then all you have to do to find your class is click the phone on and take a peek at your schedule! Well, see you next year! -R.M.

Hi future 6th graders I am a 6th grader just like you will be next year.  I want to tell you some things about middle school.  It may sound scary but it’s actually not that bad.  One thing that you might be nervous about is the lockers.  At first they are a little tough but before you know it you mastered it.  Another thing you might be worried about  is the 8th graders they can be really scary but there is a good thing, you all on the top floor and they are on the bottom so you rarely  ever see them.  In my first week it went great so I bet yours will be great too.  Well that's it i’ll see you guys next year good luck! -G.S.

Welcome new 6th graders,
    Now some of you might be nervous about 6th grade but trust me it's  really easy and really fun. When you settle in for about 2 weeks its like elementary but your locker might be a mess. All of the teachers here at Silver Hills are really nice my personal favorite teacher is Ms. Albi she is really nice and fun. Well I don't  know that much about this school yet.  I hope you guys have a amazing year at silver hills!  -E.M.

When I first came to 6th grade I was really nervous because I didn't know if people were going to like me but after my first two weeks I found out I fit in! Now I'm comfortable in this school. -P.B.